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Intervention and Curriculum Specialists!

The Southwest Education Team has over 20 years of experience working with schools across the country. Contact us to learn more about the Southwest Education Intervention Model used by schools. Southwest Education provides schools with the following academic intervention programs.

SW School District of the Year: Los Fresnos CISD, Los Fresnos, Texas
LFCISD used the Reading Plus program district-wide. Seven out of their 14 schools finished in the TOP 25% in the State of Texas. Olmito Elementary School 5th Grade students increased their reading scores from 88% to 98% after one year on the Reading Plus Program.
Reading Plus - Reading Plus changes the way students read. It is the perfect intervention program for all tiers, improves reading proficiency by focusing on silent reading skills, fluency, vocabulary development, comprehension and writing. Over 350 Texas schools use Reading Plus for ALL students. The Reading Plus Program is a scaffold program that provides an assessment that can be used as a Universal Screener and as a Benchmark . Reading Plus then develops individualized lesson plans and includes a Writing Program. The program provides ongoing monitoring on states skills.

Sound Reading Solutions
 The Sound Reading Solutions Program focuses on teaching pattern recognition, from phonemes to complete sentences; builds the foundational process of listening skills and then continues to construct the higher level of memory and reasoning skills that lead to reading fluency and comprehension. SRS is an advanced scientific-based reading program targeting K-3 grade students, Special Education students, ELL/ESL students, struggling students and is being used by dyslexia programs for all grade-level students.
WorldView Social Studies - - Award-winning, correlated to Common Core, TEKS and listed on Texas approved curriculum. Interactive Social Studies curriculum textbook. Middle School: Basic American History I & II, Civics, and World Geography. High School includes: American History I & II, U. S. Government, World History A & B, Economics, Civics and World Geography. Part of the Texas 2015 Proclamation Social Studies State Adoption Process.

Now is the perfect time to schedule training for Summer School and the Fall. Contact us if you need to schedule training or need a price proposal. This is also a perfect time to add additional licenses and seats, or to set up a pilot with one of our programs! Feel to contact our office at (866) 472-6949.

VISAGRAPH TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION. If you have not been trained or certified on using the Visagraph, please contact us to schedule a certification training. Thank you.

As your school and students work on any of our programs, please feel free to email our Trainer if you have any questions. Thank you.  

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