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Reading Plus Program

Changing the Way Students Read


The Reading Plus Program improves reading proficiency by helping struggling students with silent reading fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension.
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While Reading Plus® develops essential vocabulary, analytical reading and comprehension skills, it is the fluency building activities that make the system unique and successful. Reading Plus® assesses and develops a student's Fundamental Reading Process, visual, perceptual and cognitive skills that are essential for fluent silent reading at adequate rates with excellent comprehension. These skills are subliminal, and involve over 15 high speed visual and perceptual processes that interact from 3 to 5 times per second as the reader's eyes move along lines of print.

Since these processes are subliminal, they cannot be directed by a teacher, nor controlled by a student. If a student's visual skills are inadequate, words may be blurred or doubled, reading will be less comfortable and attention will suffer. If students cannot perceive words accurately in a fraction of their usual eye pause time, they will inadvertently make multiple eye-stops to recognize each word. This delayed word recognition encourages visual wandering which consequently reduces comprehension. The silent reading fluency skills developed by Reading Plus® improve attention and concentration, short term memory, literal understanding and the rate at which students can read comfortably with excellent comprehension.

Reading Plus targets:

* Reading Proficiency
* Fluency
* Vocabulary Development
* Comprehension
* Short Term Processing
* Elementary through High School

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