The Brainchild Programs for Texas, Utah, New Mexico , Wyoming, Arizona and Nevada

  • Case Study: Brainchild group showed a 52.5% increase while control group showed a 3.4% increase in State Test

*   The TAKS and CRT WebAchiever Programs provide individualized instruction and assesment on your State Standards as well we on basic skills. For passwords to see an online demo, contact us at

*   Achieve Software Program
Standards-Based Assessment and Instruction
Nevada Achiever!, TAKS Achiever!, and many more states. Standards-based assessment and instruction comes in elementary and secondary school versions. Reports are titled by your specific state performance objectives. 

*   Mechanics Software Program
Basic Skills
Multi-level modules in reading, writing, vocabulary, and math developed for student and adults performing below grade level. Mechanics provides the building blocks needed before moving on to critical thinking and multi-step items. For 3rd to 10th grades.

*   StickyBear Software Programs
Early Childhood Reading and Math for PK-2
The famous Stickybear series has evolved over 30 years. A rich, multimedia experience. This selection of Stickybear titles install to the hard drive, so CDs are not needed. 

*Study Buddy handheld units provide individualized instruction and assesment on your State Standards as well as on basic skills. Research has shown substantial higher student achievement in schools using Brainchild products in class or after school programs.

To experience the Study Buddy Online Demo, email us at and we will send you a link.